Customer Testimonials

Following are just a few testimonials from professional, business, institutional and families who we serve. We believe in protecting our client's privacy. Specific names are available upon request once permission is granted by our client.

Title Insurance Company

Since we are insurance producers we appreciate all the hard work that goes in to making sure the customers and clients have the best possible coverage. Title Insurance has one major difference and that it is that we insure for what may have happened in the past. All other lines, insure for what might happen in the future. Thank you for protecting our future!

Award winning golf course facility

I never realized that our Insurance Agent would care enough to drive out to our business and hold our hands at 2 am after the flood..and the same thing when we had the vandalism to the course. There are many other examples and thoughts to add and I know the Chief will want to contribute too. Not to mention all of the sage advice you have shared with us over the years. We are truly blessed to have you, Abi, Brent and your entire staff take care of all of our needs. You are our guardian angels.

Bank chairman and personal lines client

You have always considered and treated your clients as if they were family. You are an asset to your community. We wish you much continued success and are proud to be your clients and friends.

Entrepreneur and personal lines client

You and your entire organization exemplify all the best qualities of excellence in customer service and value.

Past leader of international fraternal organization

Thanks "Cappy" for all of the wonderful service and advice you have provided to the fraternity over these many years, Always professional and never too busy to assist in any way.

Adult community resident

You guys have through your rep Cathy have been very dutiful in keeping me up to date and fully informed relative to my various policies with you; including our vehicle and condo unit. Thankfully, I have not had to call on you with a major cause but remain confident that you'll be as supportive as needed. Between you and Perrine Motors we've felt very comfortable for the past 16 years of living in Monroe.

Retired public administrator and longtime personal client

We have had the pleasure of dealing with Allen & Stults Co., Inc. on the various type of insurance as well as SEP and other such plans for more than 50 years. During that time we have had professional and personal attention by Cappy and members of his staff. But perhaps just as important, members of the firm have consistently provided advice and counsel that was accurate and timely. Any individuals who we have been referred to the firm have responded to us with positive feedback and thanks.

Fairly "new" personal lines client

We have had our home and auto through your company for 9 years and have been very happy with the service and prompt responses from our representative - Cathy Mazzolli. Pest control business owner Thank you for your terrific service!

Attorney specializing in real estate law

It is a tribute to generations of professionalism and dedication to client's business and personal needs. I know that is certainly the case since I switched to Allen & Stults.

Retired restaurateur and personal lines client

My memory reached back to 1927 when my family came to Hightstown to open one of the first lunch wagons in the area. Your grandfather C. Stanley Stults approached my dad Nicholas Corcodilos for insurance. He was not only our insurance agent but became a close friend and visited us and gave dad a lot of moral support in his new venture. Wishing you continued success.

Financial planner

It is no wonder that you have achieved such an honor with the wonderful service and personalized attention you offer your clients.

Historical and preservation society

Through the years, your service to our Society has been greatly appreciated. Our best wishes to you and all who are part of Allen & Stults Co. Inc.

Museum and preservation society

We value our association with you and your staff and wish you many more years of success.

Architect and personal lines client

In 1975 Allen and Stults became my Insurance provider, Landlord and Cappy Stults became my friend and colleague. I have valued each of these relationships over the years and have taken advantage of them. On a these occasions, I have always found the Allen and Stults staff knowledgeable, competent and ready to help without delay. They have always had my best interest in hand and have never disappointed me with their response to my need; often going beyond my initial request. I look forward to continuing that relationship for years to come.

Fraternal organization leader

On behalf of (organization) , thank you for your excellent advice for insuring our lodges' and members. Your generous assistance and patience with our Masonic issues are greatly appreciated.

Personal lines client with multi-state exposures

It has been such a pleasure to have your company handle my insurance for many years. Everyone does their job in a hugely professional way, and also with great pleasant, personal consideration. Not only have I had expert advice on the best insurers and the type of policies and coverage, but also have been offered kind and expert advice when a claim has been necessary. To say that I appreciate your company would be an understatement! Thank you for being there for me!

Property manager private institution

Clearly, your understanding of service to community and customer have set you apart for years. There are reasons companies succeed and you and yours get it. Thanks.

Retired claims department executive at insurance company

I have had the privledge of associating with Allen and Stults as both a cusotmer and business associate. Both sides of the interaction have been great. Cathy Mazzoli does an excellent job of taking care of customer needs. I was the Regional Manager for a personal lines company and interacted with hundreds of Personal Lines Managers. Cathy was the most competent of all them. As a client I felt the professionalism, but as a business associate I could make comparisons to other agents, and Allen and Stults are at the top of the list. The "Trusted Advisor" phrase independent agents use is Cappy Stults. He is always looking out for his clients.

Personal lines client

Kathy has always been upbeat, personable and most important a true professional. She truly cares about all her clients.

Personal lines client and automotive business owner

Thanks to you, Cappy, and your professional staff, you have gotten our immediate family through two fires, a lightning strike, a car accident, a broken water pipe, and many insurance issues involving our business. Always there, whatever time, with your knowledge, experience, and most importantly, your compassion and empathy. While forging through red tape, paper work, and phone calls, your guidance has always been on target, with our best interest always being first. We cannot begin to thank you and your dedicated staff enough for that.

Building contractor client

Allen & Stults came to my rescue. Allen & Stults set up an installment plan for me. I would not have survived in business if it wasn't for the help from Allen & Stults. I learned my lesson and never was surprised by an audit again. I have always tried to warn new contractors about the pitfalls of not being prepared for their insurance needs. I want to make sure that no other young company makes the same mistakes I made. Thank you Allen & Stults.

Small business owner

I am a resident of East WIndsor with a business in Allentown. My business is relatively new, and William Daly and Gerald Ford were very helpful in explaining insurance issues to me. They were both generous with their time and were patient with me as a new small business owner. Bill got me a great deal on life insurance, and I was really impressed with his knowledge of the new health care issues.

Professional business owner and personal client

Over the years, many have solicited me for my insurance, both business and personal. Sometimes all I have to say to make them give up, is "I work with Allen and Stults."

Adult Condominium Association

(Condo Community) has had the sincere pleasure and is proud of having a long standing and mutually beneficial relationship with three generations of the founding family. professionalism, customer service and knowledge is customary when dealing with Cappy and the many talented people associated with Allen and Stults.

Retired teachers and personal lines clients

To suggest that Allen & Stults has had an influence on our lives would be a gross understatement. I'm not at all sure where we'd be or what we would be doing without the help and support of Allen & Stults and the Stults family over the years. We've bought our house insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, umbrella name it.... from Allen and Stults because you helped us, guided us, stood by us, and advised us in all kinds of situations. Even here at Rossmoor our house insurance is handled by you folks. We have valued your business acumen over the years and also the friendship of you and your staff. We feel that our well being and all our insurance has always " been in good hands", to borrow a well known phrase.

Church elder

It has been my distinct pleasure in working with you over these past years in meeting the insurance needs of (church). We count ourselves among your friends and loyal clients as we have always been met with prompt, courteous, efficient and friendly service. We rest secure in the honesty and integrity of Allen & Stults and its leadership.

Solar energy company

I must admit, that as a business owner, it is sometimes shocking to find the level of unprofessional behavior that I constantly experience in the industry.It is for that reason that I must inform you of the simply OUTSTANDING service provided to my company by two of your professional Business Insurance Agents, Brent Rivenburgh and Gail Lanza. We needed a new policy that would meet the requirements specified in our office lease. They were able to quickly determine our needs and work with The Hartford to supply us with our new Certificates of Insurance in record time. This amount of professional respect they have for their clients and determination to go the extra mile are both welcome and appreciated.


Not only have I used you for my personal and Company insurance I have always been able to refer clients to you with the comfort of knowing they will receive professional & caring service. The attitude of the staff reflects the family pride of ownership.

Pharmaceutical company owner

We have been pleased to have been a customer and had your help for over thirty years. Great advice and steady support.

Technology company

(Company) established its US presence in 1999, and was recommended by a friend to use A&S to take care of all our insurance requirements. Our association is 12 years old - and A&S has earned our trust all along the way.

Farm estate owner

"As a brand new client, I don't have the benefit of a historical perspective. However, when I first met Cappy I instantly felt like there was history between us. That speaks volumes. So Cappy, you, Deborah, and your team have a lot to feel proud about!

Fraternal building owner

The best move we ever made was in switching over our insurance to Allen & Stults. Increased and better coverage at a better rate. Also better service and professional advice.

Farm owner

Undoubtedly you and your forefathers faced adversity along the way, from competitive challenges to changing business practices. With the fortitude and perseverance along with the agency's hallmark culture of excellence in customer service, the firm's leadership has effectively maintained the will, tenacity and intellect to survive and prosper. Simply you are a wonderful example of American business leadership and one which every insurance company needs to keep in mind for, while these companies may effectively underwrite risk, they never can replicate or replace the value added benefits that an independent agency like Allen & Stults provides to its clients.

Auto collision repair shop

We know that every business requires a good ambiance, good quality of work and good communication skills and camaraderie in order to attract customers who become loyal to your business. Your relentless work ethics and commitment to quality customer service have contributed to your success and the reason we continue to have such a wonderful business relationship.

Long term care facility

The (long term care facility) has found Allen & Stults to be honest and straightforward in your business. You have demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to your clients and have carried out your obligation with vigor and resolve. Your integrity and reputation is above reproach and you have always had our best interests at heart. Our membership is proud of you for all you have done for us. We highly recommend the services of Allen & Stults Co. to anyone.


We have relied upon Allen & Stults for many years not only for all of our insurance needs, but also for candid advice and good counsel. I have always known that you and your company would get back to us quickly, give us full information, detail the pros and cons, and ultimately provide us with solid recommendations for our insurance. This is a hallmark of a good business but you have done much more.

Personal Lines Client

Hello Charles:

I had specifically asked Cathy to provide me with your name and contact information because I want to relate to you my most recent experience with Cathy and your Agency.

A few weeks ago I was involved in a minor vehicle accident. No one was injured and my vehicle was actually parked when it was hit. Not having had much first hand experience with vehicle accidents I immediately called Cathy to ask for advice. She remained calm and made several suggestions of what I should do including calling the police so a report could be filed. Being it was a minor accident I wasn't even thinking of contacting the police but I did and they arrived to take statements from both parties. While I stood there the other party had no choice to relate exactly what had happened. The officer concluded and stated that the other driver was at fault simply by the fact that they had hit a parked vehicle. I am going to assume that this simple fact of a police report saved me a lot of anguish and difficulty if the other party had chosen to change their story at some future time.

Following the incident Cathy kept in contact with me every step of the way. She responded to my emails and phone calls quickly each and every time. When I recently thanked Cathy for her exceptional service she modestly stated that she was "just doing my job." I agree, this is her job but the way she performed her tasks and worked closely with me certainly differentiated her from many others who are just doing their jobs as well. I believe this differentiation is what makes some businesses successful and why others fail.

I have been in the Commercial Insurance business for more than 35 years. I have also designed, implemented and managed Commercial Customer Service Centers for 3 large international insurers. My models are still in place for 2 of them. One basic fundamental of each of my models was for the staff to not only meet the customer's expectations but to exceed it - each and every time. I have always believed that superior customer service will retain customers much better than policy pricing and the results will be longer lasting. I believe Cathy's actions helped prove my point.

Cathy clearly exceeded all of my expectations and I believe you need to know that.

Sure, I've price shopped my coverages (Geico, NJM, Allstate, State Farm and a list of others) and yes, I've gotten lower prices but have never changed my insurance carrier OR Insurance Agent. When I first relocated to New Jersey I asked a friend of mine to recommend an Independent Insurance Agent to help me with my Personal Insurance needs. I was referred to your agency and I have been a loyal customer ever since. It's people like Cathy who build loyalty among your customers.

I apologize for the long winded email but I just had to share my experience with you. Too often complaints are expressed in detail but when someone stands out for the right reasons, it's not always mentioned. I wanted to make sure you were aware of how I felt. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards, V.G.

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Our Providers

Dear Mrs. Mazzoli, Many thanks for all your help over the last few days with Timmy and his first car. We got it yesterday and Timmy is taking off today for New Hampshire. It was a relief knowing that you would have all the answers to my questions and as always, quick to respond to my emails. I attached a photo of Timmy and his car, a product of your knowledge and work...I could never have figured all this out without you!
Tim and Timmy
You have always considered and treated your clients as if they were family. You are an asset to your community. We wish you much continued success and are proud to be your clients and friends.
Thanks "Cappy" for all of the wonderful service and advice you have provided to the fraternity over these many years, Always professional and never too busy to assist in any way
We have had our home and auto through your company for 9 years and have been very happy with the service and prompt responses from our representative - Cathy Mazzolli.
It is no wonder that you have achieved such an honor with the wonderful service and personalized attention you offer your clients.
Through the years, your service to our Society has been greatly appreciated. Our best wishes to you and all who are part of Allen & Stults Co. Inc.
We value our association with you and your staff and wish you many more years of success.