Condo Insurance

Protect More Than Just Your Possessions.

As with Homeowners policies, no two Condo owners policies are the same. More importantly, no two condominium associations are the same. Insuring your condominium ownership properly is very complex. In some ways it is more complex than insuring a house. Did your current company ask for a copy of your master deed or letter from the association’s management explaining your insurance responsibilities and what the association does and does not insure? Did your company check to see if your condominium is in a flood hazard area or subject to flooding? Did your current company use the word “assume” a lot when they quoted and issued your policy?

Allen & Stults Co. insures many condominium associations.  As a matter of fact, we insured the first cooperative community, the first condominium community and the first planned unit development in the state of New Jersey. We know condos and what is right for you. If we do not have the information on you association’s insurance, we will help you get it. The right policy cannot be written without them.

Many of the same discounts that apply to a homeowners policy can apply to a condo owners policy. Multiple policy discounts, prepayment discount, central station alarm, gated community, water leak detection device credits and many more are offered by our insurance companies. If you own a golf cart that you use within your community are you covered for the liability arising out of its use? You don’t know! You better find out – today – before its too late.

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